About Us

Ranagalle S.r.l. was designed by the Italian brothers Michele and Luca Marocco, from Grado, Italy

Michele, an Engineer and Luca, a Geologist, wanted to solve the problem of high waters that affects the island of Grado, Italy, by devising a flood barrier; in fact, like Venice, Grado is also subject to seasonal floods related to the high tide causing flooding in basements, garages and shops, creating enormous damage to machines and property.

The idea of Ranagalle was conceptualized in the company: “Studio Associato di Ingegneria e Geologia Techne Grado”, founded by Michele and Luca Marocco, who have been working here since 1997.

Our technical staff is at your service together with “Studio Associato di Ingegneria e Geologia Techne Grado” to solve any problems regarding floods and inundations, flood defence against water and plant designs by suggesting the most suitable technical solution.

Ranagalle works with support of the University of Trieste and the University of Udine, thanks to a close collaboration with the illustrious Professor Engineer Virgilio Fiorotto, Ph.D, and the illustrious Professor Engineer Roberto Meriggi, Ph.D.